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4 Phase Treatment Plan For Lead Poisoning

DOWNLOAD 4 PHASE PLAN >>> Symptoms Caused by Lead Poisoning Are Reversible


To all concerned about Lead Poisoning from Flint, Michigan Water.

Many reports about the effects of Flint’s Toxic Water have stated that Lead Poisoning and its effects are irreversible. I want to assure you and your loved ones that Lead Poisoning and the disabilities it causes ARE Treatable AND Reversible. There IS hope.

I am an MD who routinely assists patients and clinicians in understanding how to detoxify lead and other heavy metals from the body. I have seen great successes in my patients, including children and adults, and I want to assure that you have some information that enables you and your loved ones to heal from this tragedy.

I created a free Video Series (and document) for the residents of Flint called “You CAN Heal from Lead Poisoning”, which you can view here. These videos will begin to inform you about what you can do, and why you may not be hearing about these options.

Please share this life changing information with everyone.


Charles Gant, MD, PhD