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Thank you for visiting my website. I specialize in molecular health and healing, especially as it supports psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery from problems such as AD/HD, autism, mood problems, addictions, food and carbohydrate compulsions and nicotine dependence.

Most people believe that their psychological well-being has little to do with the molecules in their body.  However, a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence has amassed suggesting that one’s molecular status is the most important factor in causing symptoms such as mood instability, substance and alcohol cravings and inattentiveness,and that it can be altered by 3 kinds of interventions: nutritional restoration, detoxification and hormonal balancing.

Like a weight lifter who takes vitamins and goes into the gym to pump iron, efforts directed at enhancing attentiveness and mindfulness is the "iron pumping" part of psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery.  A successful body builder must have both parts, good nutrition and exercise.  The same is true for psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery, because the brain is an organ just like the muscles.  Good nutrition, detoxification and hormonal balancing, along with mindfulness-directed exercises of the mind/brain get the best results.

This web site will introduce you to some of that evidence and provide avenues to more in-depth knowledge of psychospiritual healing and mental health recovery.

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